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It easy! fried vegetables pig cabbage


Materials (for 3-4 people)

150 g of pig ground meat
Two green peppers
One paprika (yellow)
Paprika (red) 1/2 unit
One onion
Carrot 1/2 book
As for cabbage 1/6 unit
■ Seasoning
Sauce (sweet this time) tablespoon 3 of the roasted meat
Soy sauce tablespoon 1/2
Sugar tablespoon 1/2
Dish liquor tablespoon 1
Lowering ginger tablespoon 1
There are few salt and pepper for the last finish
There is little juice pressed from a bitter orange for time to eat


The vegetables prepare the thing in the refrigerator and vegetables colorful as possible.

I put seasoning and pig ground meat in a frying pan and mix it well.
I do not yet light the fire.

② But, set fire if join; and medium fire でそぼろにしていきます.
When put seasoning earlier; 細 かいそぼろになります.

③ I add the shreds of に onion and the carrot and saute it until tender.

④ I accept chopped of に green pepper and the paprika and fry it more.
When you are big, please cut it to the length of the half part.

It is a bit big and adds shreds of the cabbage which I cut to ⑤ and fries it more.
It is thick, but becomes soft with lower seasoning.

If cabbage becomes soft moderately, please taste.
Season with salt and pepper, and fix it; and (^^) which is the completion ♪

When when I eat, it is delicious, but just takes some juice pressed from a bitter orange
Taste changes like vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar like sweet and sour pork and becomes more delicious again ‼


Because I fry it with fat of the pig ground meat, I can grow it without oil.
soboro, which becomes particular when I make it after mixing seasoning first, and is delicious ♪
It is made it is delicious, and early to match ground meat when I shred vegetables.


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