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It is fully simple steamed vegetables vegetables


The  seasoning is simple to one article of ♡

lunch and the dinner that I fully get vegetables deliciously and is only salt, pepper!




One potato
A one-third carrot
A quarter onion
One boiled egg
Salt, pepper appropriate amount
For parsley preference


The boiled egg peels a husk and cuts it to a mouthful size so that I am confounded with vegetables.
I peel potato → skin and take the bud and cut it to a mouthful size.
I peel carrot → skin and make a ginkgo limit.
I cut onion → skin to a direction, a mouthful size.
I boil water in a pan and boil 2 vegetables. Time is approximately seven minutes from five minutes.
If 3 vegetables soften, there be it to the colander and drains the water.
I mix it with 1 egg with a bowl if I get rough heat. Be set and finish the taste with salt, pepper ♡
Even if scatter parsleys for preference


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