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Meat roll of vegetables


Materials (nine)

It is nine pieces of meat a pig slop-slop
60 g of cabbage
Carrot 6 ㎝
☆ Sugar tablespoon 1
☆ Sweet sake tablespoon 1/2
☆ Soy sauce tablespoon 1
☆ Liquor or water tablespoon 1/2


I shred cabbage.
I pay a caliber and wrap it and nuke ♪

I shred a carrot.
I can enter the caliber and nuke.

☆ I mix の seasoning

If I get a craze for bony parts of vegetables,
I open the meat and put it and expand and wind up vegetables in thin one,
I put winding eyes below.

To the frying pan which pulled oil thinly, I do a winding eye below and line up and bake meat.

I do a place not to be burnt if I bake it and am colored below and bake it.

I put sauce and intertwine a dish simmered in.

When I want to thicken taste, I boil it slowly and put it on the dish early when thinness is good.
Please wear the remaining sauce for preference.

Because you do not season vegetables, you may hang remaining sauce to the size that it is easy to eat after cutting it!


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