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Vegetables source stew of the chicken


Chicken is tender in vegetables source ♪

Materials (2)
One piece of chicken thigh
Carrot 1/2 book
Onion 1/2 unit
Ketchup tablespoon 5
Thick Worcestershire sauce tablespoon 1
Soy sauce teaspoon 1
Bare 1/2 unit of the consomme


One share of chicken does a limit, skin to a size below and bakes both sides in a small kettle.

I lightly cut it, and the onion does half, and enter the pan of ①, and enter water 50cc and the consomme mix and stew it.

The carrot makes half and cuts it in 8 equal portions. I grate the remaining carrot, onion and I put all it in a pan of ② and stew it.

I pour ketchup, a source, soy sauce and stew it more. If Become calm , it is completed ♪

Please attach the height, a broccoli to a dish.


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