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brief omelet (for the lunch)


I only squeeze up in a lunch in the morning, and an agent substitutes for cold insulation.



Five eggs
It is three cups of tablespoons for the swing of the cod roe
* Four stick sugar (entering 5 g)
* Water 50 ㏄
* Salad oil appropriate amount


I put all the materials in a ball and mix it well.

With the point of the soup stock winding egg, I roast an egg. While it is hot, I fix a parcel, the form in a lap. (because you are hot, please be careful about a burn.)

I cut it in by lunch 1 batch if it completely cools down and wrap it in a lap to a subdivision and I put it in a preservation bag and refrigerate it.

I squeeze up to a lunch box with freezing in the morning. (because I freeze and cannot fix the form, the one that I cut slightly into small pieces is passable.)



Form is easy to collapse when I cut it before cooling down. I cut it slightly than size to cut down to a lunch box small and am convenient when I subdivide by 1 batch. Because I did not cut it slightly small, I have been in trouble without the cover of the lunch box closing in the morning.


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