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green pepper in a lunch!


The child eats with pleasure, too. Because it is delicious even if it cools down,
It is most suitable for an attendant of the rice in a lunch



Two green peppers
Dogtooth violet starch teaspoon 2
Olive oil teaspoon 1
There are few salt and pepper
☆ Sugar teaspoon 1-2
☆ Water teaspoon 1/2 - 1
☆ Soy sauce teaspoon 1-2


With a green pepper as half,
I take the seed,
I cut it every 5mm.
※ I cut it aside.


Put a green pepper and dogtooth violet starch in a bag,
I wave a bag and mix it.
※ The mouth of the bag is careful not to open


I pour olive oil into the frying pan,
I fry a green pepper,
If dogtooth violet starch becomes transparent,
I put salt and pepper ,☆ and fry it


If I fry it until humidity disappears,
I serve it in a container.



With frying it properly until dogtooth violet starch becomes transparent
You should make taste sweet and eat a child.


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