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In a moist pumpkin salad for lunch


Because I am moistened without being dry, it is easy to eat and is delicious ♡
Because I can simplify it using a microwave oven, I have it even in small quantities and am convenient


Materials (for 2-4 people)

450 g of pumpkins (small half)
※ Plain yogurt tablespoon 2
※ Mayonnaise tablespoon 4
※ Sugar teaspoon 4


I cut a pumpkin to half and remove a seed with a spoon

I wrap it and do it in microwave oven 600w for five minutes.
Fire carries, or you stab a skewer, and please cool it after confirmation

I cut it to half more if it cools down and cut a poorness part

Please cut it to a mouthful size

※ I mix the seasoning of the seal

I mix it while smashing a pumpkin with a spoon

I serve it to a dish and am completed ♡



The one where solid content was left is delicious not to be too soft without being too obstinate by a pumpkin.
I boil the pumpkin, and it may be sultry


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