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character bento ☆ of bamboo-and-paper umbrella ghost lunch ☆ rain



A little less than one cup of white rice bowl
Three pieces of laver
For none of the thin fried egg eggs
Boil a star type; for each one carrot big things and small things
One piece of slice cheese
Ham appropriate amount
One pasta
Ketchup small quantity


I fill the lunch box with rice and spread laver.
★ Bamboo-and-paper umbrella ghost
→ I cut a thin fried egg.
※ (star-shaped) use without kitchen knife, model
→ I cut cheese.
※ Use without kitchen knife, model
→ I locate the ham which I make each part with laver and died it out of and fasten the star-shaped carrot with pasta.
→ I attach ketchup and am completion.
★ Umbrella
→ I cut cheese.
※ I die it (round shape size, the round shape small) and use it
→ I place ham and the star-shaped carrot which I died it out of in a circle and am completion.
Art point
I think that it is easy to make it if there are round shape and a star type of dying it ♪


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