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Lemon soy sauce of the pig ground meat


I boiled it, and because it was → range heating, it was healthy, but the seasoning adopted the acidity of the lemon effectively without using oil ☆


Materials (1-2 portions)

Approximately 120 g of pig ground meat
There are few salt and pepper
Water tablespoon 4
Bare (granule) teaspoon 1/2 of the chicken pattern soup
★ Squeeze of lemon (possible with the bottle) tablespoon 1
★ Soy sauce teaspoon 1
★ Dogtooth violet starch teaspoon 1/2


Enter, and the ground meat mixes salt and pepper as a pack lightly and divides it into teaspoon heaping bowlful of around one. ★ I mix はよく
If I put water, chicken pattern soup mix in a small kettle and boil, I entrap 1 meat. If a color of the meat changes by medium fire, I reverse the fire with a spoon
A color of the meat extracts it in the whole in the plate which is available for range heating if it becomes brown (that water evaporates for approximately more than two minutes as for the time on fire if long and becomes irrecoverable)
Write rap softly and heat up with a range of 600 watts for one minute 30 seconds
★ Enter the blend ぜてからを pan again (the pan which I used with 2 is all right) and set fire and mix を quickly and stop fire. Enter and intertwine 4 meat (I do not pour the meat juices)
I squeeze up after cooling down (the taste of the lemon is too strong in the fresh one and is sour, but calms down moderately when it cools down)


 I assumed it "bean jam", but do not become the mushy bean jam because there is little quantity. Therefore, as for the time over Tuesday, do it with 5 with 20-30 seconds (as for the heat medium fire weak appear), and twine the sauce that there is few it around meat; please do it to feel it, and the surface is stormy not to do moderately, and taste picks quarrel with the form that is beautiful as for meat daringly



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