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Lunch jar salad


Summer without the appetite.

With jar salad and a rice ball to a school.
The jar salad can be in the cold insulation bag,

and please take it!


Materials (for 1 person)

Half of one piece of chicken
There are few salt and pepper
Liquor teaspoon 1
2-3 pieces of lettuces
Cucumber 1/3 book
Around 2 centimeters of carrots
Three mini-tomatoes
One slice of crab head
Favorite dressing appropriate amount


I rub one share of chicken with a limit, salt and pepper as size a little and am crowded.
Pour chicken and liquor into the bakeware, and wrap it, and is 500w; three minutes.
I wash the lettuce and tear it off. A cucumber and the carrot to a slice.
As for the mini-tomato, half; cut it.


To Mason jar in order of lettuce → cucumber → carrot.
I put chicken.
Again in order of lettuce → mini-tomato → cucumber → carrot.
Push it jam-packed!
I put chicken and crab head, a lettuce until it becomes at the very limit of a mouth and close the cap with dressing for from the top.
I let you tip Mason jar and be familiar so that dressing turns around in the whole vegetables.
I cool it with the refrigerator.


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