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brief green pepper


I heat it and mix it. It is simple one article that anyone can make.


Materials (for two people)

Three green peppers
Is powder; and teaspoon a little less than one
Several drops of soy sauce
Dried bonito handful


The green pepper takes the seed, and make chopped lengthwise;

to a heat-resistant bowl.
I wrap it and nuke.
They warm it, and speed is automatic this time, but they boil it in 500w for one minute, and vegetables courses are the courses of each model.
While it is hot, it is powder and I add soy sauce, dried bonito and mix it.
If the whole is familiar, I can enter the caliber and am completion.


I heat it and only mix it. It is good with being hot, but is delicious even if it cools down.

It is easy to use it for a lunch with green.